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We offer up an abundance of services, all of which will help you handle the shipping process of your business with ease (or whatever else you may need it for). Time and time again, people are happy with the shipping protocols that specific businesses choose to practice with. In the end of it all, you need an efficiently planned shipment protocol (regardless of what you’re trying to do).

Specific Services Offered

Provision of Deferral of Payments – We help take care of payment deferrals, which is where we process the money while your goods are being shipped (the proprietary funds).
Communication with Brokerage Businesses – We help communicate any necessary information to the brokerage businesses, which is the organizations that help you deal with the clearance through customs.

Formation of Contracts with Shipping Companies – We make sure that the contracts being formed work out in a positive manner for both parties,

Qualitative and Quantitative Acceptance – If you’re wondering how goods are accepted at the loading dock, this is the part of shipment process that handles it – this could include talking to the local authorities. We go as far as sending experienced specialists out alongside your shipment!

Conduct the Negations with Specifics Shippers – This is where we help work out the contract itself, as well as the schedule of your supplies (and invoices, among other things).

Shipping Done Spectacularly!

We make sure that your shipping endeavours are met with smooth-sailing, because who wants to be jumping through hoops constantly? There are a lot of different ways to go about setting up your shipment process, but FB Logistics is sought after for many different reasons. Our services are professionally planned, of course; but we also have kept the affordability aspect in mind.

You won’t need to worry about shipments making it to their destination unharmed, or even what you’re going to do when it comes to language barriers at the dock; we’ve thought of absolutely everything possible! In order to put you in position for success, you’ve got to get serious about your express cargo shipping needs; that’s what FB Logistics is all about!